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Mike Falzone and Steve Zaragoza are two kooky, well-oiled gentlemen speaking about the weirdest parts of the common world. Whether you’re looking to shed a tear on history road, or enjoy six hours of classical guitar over a babbling brook, Dynamic Banter promises to be precisely what you expect it to be: a podcast about bees and other stinging insects.


Fresh off his role as Flash Thompson in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tony Revolori sits down at a dirty table with Steve Zaragoza and Mike Falzone to talk about all kinds of super things.

This episode gets good after the 15 minute mark in complete defiance of our brand new 15-minute rule. Mike and Steve discuss their family of horns, funny Wi-Fi names in their apartment complex, and the correct pronunciation (if any) of the world “jewelry”.

Mike & Steve are finally back together after two long weeks apart. In this episode the bois discuss famous duos, Vidcon 2017, the Transformers movies, EDM music and fancy cars!


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